Hermès Color Guide

Rarer and More Unique Hermès Colors

As with the huge and unique range of leathers, Hermès also offers an extensive and unique range of colors for their bags. Some of the color names are unique to Hermès, so to help you understand which color to expect, here is a brief guide to the most popular and some of the rarer and more unique Hermès colors.

***It is important to note that due to the unpredictable and unstable nature in which different leathers take to the dye, there can be subtle differences and minor variations in how the colors apply to each batch. This guide is meant to be used as a general guideline for color depictions***

Hermès Blues
  • Blue Jean – sky blue, can be bright or pale depending on leather
  • Indigo – dark navy blue
  • Ink – blue-black indigo
  • Thalassa – Mediterranean Sea Blue, deeper than Blue Jean
  • Blue Roi – bright royal blue. Appears as a denim blue look in exotic leathers
  • Turquoise – bright blue-green
  • Brighton Blue – light blue with white undertones
  • Navy – a very dark French Navy color
  • Blue Saphir – a bright ‘electric’ blue
  • Aqua – a sea blue used in Chevre leather
  • Petrol – a royal blue shade with white undertones
  • Midnight Blue – a deep and rich blue shade
  • Cobalt Blue – a calm royal blue
  • Blue France – same shade of blue that is found on the French flag
Hermès Oranges
  • Classic Orange – bright tangerine, a classic Hermès color
  • Potiron – slightly bright orange with brown undertones. Appears darker on Chevre leather and brighter on Togo leather
  • Tangerine – a lovely light shade of orange, slightly lighter than Classic Orange
  • Orange Poppy – a deep orange with pink undertones
  • Juane d’or – a very light shade of orange
Hermès Purples and Pinks
  • Raisin – bright dark purple, lighter than violet
  • Violet – bright purple, darker than raisin
  • Violine – similar to Violet, slighter lighter
  • Myosotis – similar to lilac in color
  • Cassis – very deep purple
  • Lilac – light shade of purple, white undertones
  • Iris – very deep purple with dark blue undertones
  • Prune – dark and warm purple, similar to the color of prunes
  • Cyclamen – mixture of pink and lavender
  • Fuchsia – bright, rich pink
  • Rose Shocking – bright pink
  • Rose Lipstick – light pink with white undertones
  • Framboise – a medium shade of pink with red undertones
  • Rose Tea – very light pink, just off-white
  • Rose Tyrien – very bright pink, brighter than Rose Shocking
Hermès Blacks/Greys
  • Noir – classic black color
  • Noir Nacre – similar to Noir with white undertones
  • Graphite – dark grey with blue tones
  • Vert Gris – grey with green undertones
  • Paris Grey – almost silver shade of grey
  • Etoupe Grey – grey with brown undertones
  • Gris Pale – very light shade of grey
  • Etain – almost light brown shade of grey
Hermès Other Colors
  • Gold – classic gold color
  • Silver – shiny shade of silver
  • Bronze – similar bronze shade to Olympic medals
Hermès Reds
  • Rouge Hermès – deep wine red with blue and pink undertones
  • Rouge Vif – bright cherry or lipstick red with raspberry pink undertones
  • Vermillion – bright red, similar to a tomato color with orange undertones
  • Brique – brick red
  • Braise – rouge red
  • Rouge Garance – bright red with raspberry pink undertones
  • Rouge Moyen – deep candy apple red with blue undertones, darker than Rouge Vif or Rouge Garance, but slightly lighter than Rouge Hermès
  • Rouge Jaipur – very bright red
  • Rouge Tomate – tomato red color
  • Rouge Casaque – slightly darker than Rouge Tomate
  • Rouge Piment – deep red with subtle pink undertones
  • Bougainvillea – very bright red with strong pink undertones
Hermès Greens
  • Vert Anis – bright green, similar to an apple color
  • Vert Cru – the brightest green in the Hermès collection
  • Vert Amande – a medium shade of green, similar to grass color
  • Vert Amande – a medium shade of green, similar to grass color
  • Vert Jasmin – very watery pale green with yellow undertones
  • Vert Olive – dark and rich in color, same shade as olives
  • Vert Fonce – forest green
  • Vert Pale – a light green, bordering on grey
  • Kiwi – a light, kiwi shade of green
  • Vert Pelouse – a dark, ‘moss’ green color
  • Cactus – a light green, similar in shade to the spikes on a cactus
  • Bambou – deep green like a bamboo plant
  • Pistache – a pistachio shade of green
  • Vert Bronze – ‘worn’ green with bronze undertones
  • Vert Chartruese – green with yellow undertones
  • Apple Green – light and playful green
Hermès Yellows/Beige
  • Jaune – bright and sunny yellow
  • Saffron – dark yellow with brown undertones
  • Beige/Rose – beige with a hint of pink
Hermès Browns
  • Marron Fonce – bordering on a wine red color
  • Chocolate – rich and warm in tone, similar color to chocolate
  • Kraft – warm and rich shade of brown
  • Etrusque – terracotta brick color
  • Meil – very dark brown
  • Etoupe – medium to light chocolate shade of brown
  • Moka – very dark brown with slight hint of purple undertones
  • Ebene – deep and dark brown with white undertones
  • Cafe – dark brown, bordering on black
  • Caramel – wonderful light caramel color
  • Natural Sable – slightly darker than Natural
  • Cognac – light and subtle brown
  • Moka – deep brown, almost grey in color
  • Natural – coffee brown color
  • Cocoan – a chocolate brown, almost maroon in tone
  • Tabac – light brown color, similar to cigar leaves
  • Cigare – medium brown with slightly white undertones
  • Toundra – off-grey shade of brown, very light